We Give Students Real world Experience

Each of our students developed their own app, solving a real world issue, and pitched it to mock investors.

UN Goals

We apply our curriculum to solving real world issues using the United Nations framework

daily "Tech-talks"

Everyday brought a new topic in technology ranging from AI ethics, neurotech, chip development, and any other topics the students are fascinated with.

Pitch Competition

Our camps culminate in a pitch competition where students can share the work that they have been doing using professional business presentation skills.

Internship Opportunities

Students gained the skills to work on a web development project for a non-profit.

Student Testemonials

  • Shlok Mehta

    High School Freshman

    "The AppPioneer program was critical in making my coding life at school easy. It is very beginner friendly and even experienced friendly, anyone regardless of experience will gain insight on technology and the impacts that they have in the business and consumer world. The teachers know how to make the lessons simple enough for beginners to understand but complex enough so you actually feel like your learning something, it was an overall great experience."

  • Tushar Rajeevan

    High School Senior

    "The experience was really fun. The teaching style was really enjoyable and felt more personal. Plus the snacks were great. Doing the course ended with us participating in an internship, helping Mr. Weeks with a real project. It gave us a chance to apply our new knowledge with the organization which was something I thought was really cool."

  • Anya SHah

    High School Sophomore

    "This program was a great experience for me and it was incredibly beneficial. It providing valuable lessons across multiple computer science fields such as programming and web development. It opened up new opportunities, including contributing to the Wings of Hope website, where I was able to apply my skills in a real world project. I learned a great deal and I was able to expanded my knowledge and gain a unique experience that will benefit me in the future."

  • Emile Davies potter

    High School Senior

    "I had a great experience at the camp. The teaching style helped keep me engaged and gave us opportunities to discuss and apply what we learned. This course gave me the opportunity to work with the Wings of hope non-profit and help build their website. This camp gave me a excellent starting point to enter the computer science field."

  • Anya Purohit

    High School Graduate

    "The program was really fun for me! I've never been particularly good at coding but this class gave me a lot of insight into how it works! I also really enjoyed the tech talks and learned a lot of different things that I've kept learning about because the talks were able to spark my interest, and the teaching style felt super relaxed and like a place where I could relax and learn."